One of the best applications that a teacher needs

22 Nov 2022 4) تطبيق !Epic،5) Desmos،6) Words With Friends


Here are 9 of the best digital apps for the teacher in the classroom and beyond:

1)! Kahoot

With training and practice, we have been able to reach an ideal degree of skill. However, most of the time, practice is boring. Kahoot! It helps avoid this problem by providing a system in which students can play games to practice their science subjects.

Teachers can create new games or browse ready made games and then challenge students to compete against each other. This app is not only one of the best apps for teacher but also for students to enjoy as it helps motivate students.

2) LiveBoard


There are plenty of interactive whiteboard apps out there, but LiveBoard is one of the few educational apps that offer enough features in its free version. LiveBoard allows teachers to use their tablets or computers to create and share interactive whiteboards.

With an unlimited number of students which increases the quality of education. Educators can draw in addition to writing, as the LiveBoard is equipped with handwriting recognition. The Pro version provides additional memory to save more blackboards and the feature of voice communication.


3) Pocket

While not an app for educators, Pocket is the perfect solution for busy people who are always reading and using new resources and content. By integrating the Pocket app with any of your favorite devices or systems, you can save all your articles, videos, and more

of content types and arrange them all in one place. Pocket can also help you find engaging content according to your interests, which is why we ranked it among the best educational apps for teacher as this app can help teachers advance professionally.

4) تطبيق !Epic

Reading is one of the main ways kids can learn new things and practice language so Epic! One of the most important applications for explaining lessons..! Epic gives teachers more than 25,000 books for children aged 12 and under. While membership is not generally free, Epic provides primary school teachers with Librarians have a free account using their school's email address. Teachers can then use this account to create accounts for children that students can use in the classroom or school library.

5) Desmos

Another platform dedicated to math education, Desmos offers teachers the best math activities for their classrooms. While it primarily functions as a graphing calculator, it teaches students how to use a graphing calculator and learn different math topics with a graphing calculator Teachers can choose a specific activity and invite their students to solve it, and students can see the teacher's comments as well as collaborate to solve difficult questions.

6) Words With Friends

You may work what is Words With Friends app because it is one of the most popular games on the internet. This app can also be an educational tool as it is a great way to learn new vocabulary. Instead of, for example, encouraging students to check the dictionary to learn new words, students can compete with each other in Words With Friends. Teachers can then ask students to discover a new word every day and learn how to use it in sentences, making this app one of the best educational electronic apps for teachers.

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