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Course Calendar - Creators Training Center

The Creators Training Center offers a wide range of professional courses and programs in the UAE and abroad. Courses are scheduled in such a way that each is repeated several times a year. Some of the most popular courses are often scheduled for the convenience of our trainees; So that you can find the course schedule that fits your schedule. This section provides a practical overview of our courses and their dates. Using this feature, trainees can choose the schedule that best suits them, and then register for the respective courses.

Please keep in mind the fact that our courses are in high demand in the UAE, therefore the availability of a particular course in our calendar does not necessarily mean that there are still vacant seats, therefore, we suggest that you register in time, and in the event that seats are not available, we ask our team to list you Wait, or sign up for your next session instead.

Please also note that if some courses are offered, some may only be offered once or twice per year. Therefore, for educational events that are organized less frequently, please make a reservation in advance. Should you have any questions about when a particular course will take place next or about our training, please contract with our management team in Dubai - we are here to answer all your questions.

You also have the option to request that our printed materials be sent to you so that you get a complete overview of our company's courses, as well as our course and program dates. There is also a PDF copy of our courses, available in the download section of our website. However, please keep in mind the fact that the calendar version (Pdf) may be a bit out of date; As if any changes occur, those changes will be made on the website first.

Possible changes and modifications to the course calendar

Although much effort has been made to prepare the schedule for the current session as accurately as possible, there may be some adjustments to the schedule during the year. If such changes occur, we will notify you immediately.

When registering for our Business Courses as defined in our calendar, please consider applicable policies regarding registration and cancellation deadlines as well as early registration discounts and other available packages. For this information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section on our webpage