UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

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The courses are separate training modules that can be conducted independently or in combination with other vocational training modules at the Institute of Creators Training Center. Programs are certain sets of courses built into packages so that after completing this program you will have a certain set of skills. Also, the programs provide discounts on the total cost of individual courses within the program.

A course is an individual training dedicated to a specific topic. The program is a set of different courses combined into one package in such a way that, after completing the chosen programme, you will be able to complete the course. You have a certain set of knowledge and skills. And when you enroll in a programme, you have a clear flow of courses that follow one after the other in terms of topics and professional skills to progress step by step.

Creators Training Center Programs are the best combination of 3 to 7 courses that are grouped together around a specific area of ​​expertise. The programs are the ultimate solution to obtaining a high level of professional confidence, skills and developing yourself professionally. For more information on the purpose of each program, see the individual descriptions of each specific program from Creators Training Center on our website.

If you have completed some specific courses and decide to apply for other courses under a specific program package - yes, this option is available.

The majority of Creators Training Center courses are independent courses and are not directly linked to professional training programmes. However, within the programmes, there may be some courses that we suggest you attend in a particular order, as the materials and topics covered in certain trainings may require knowledge from previous FAI courses.


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04 Jan 2023

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3 Days

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